Here is a tribute that I wrote to Mama:

Mama now you must leave me all by myself. Not wanting to, but realizing that God's love is greater than mine. I have to try and say later my mother, later my true friend. I know Darlene, Gran, Daddy and others are with you. I still miss you. I never felt so lonely until your breath left your body. Every day I realize what it means to have a mother like you. It was never what you could give or say that caused me to cling to you. It was the love I felt and could see. It made a big difference, just knowing you were around. Then you departed, I didn't know whether you could see me, hear me or feel me. But you turned to me as you breathed your last breath, and as the breath left you body, I could feel something leaving you, making me feel empty. Have I told you that you are my river that never stops flowing? Have I thanked you for letting me come out of you, and giving me all of your best? Have I told you, no matter how far I may go or have gone, all of you always will be near?

Oh mama, you've given me everything. You never asked for anything. Oh mama, I'm so sorry for all those times that I've hurt you when all along it was really me, so afraid to grow. I'll love you forever. I'll always love you. To never have sunlight on your face, but yet content to let me shine, I was the one with all the glory, but you were the one with all the strength. The wind beneath my wings, my hero always in the corner. It might have appeared to go unnoticed, but I know you know the truth. I would have been nothing without you. You were and still are my hero, everything I've wished for. This is not farewell to my mother, this is only goodbye for a while. Rest mama, forever rest in eternal Jesus peace.

Your own little son, Tony.