Dr.Francine Morris

Dr. Francine Morris, someone who will never be forgotten.

I saw Francine at the late Christopher Minikon's repass.

She was with her mother Lorraine and her sisters. What a beautiful smile. Radiant, yet simple.

Someone saw me staring at her and said, "you know she is your cousin." I smiled saying, "I know" and walked off.

Why wouldn't I have stared? I have been hearing of this brilliant beautiful lady who was promised to the future. Her late uncle, cousin, Dr. Strand Whisnant talked about her all the time. How smart she was with pride in his eyes.

Dr. Francine Morris along with another doctor developed the patented strategy that makes it possible to effectively target a particular protein within a microbe.

She was a gift to not just her family, but the whole world.

We all shall not sleep, but we all shall be changed. Francine made her mark. "She did what she came here to do. It was time for her to leave." Her mother's words to me. It is so not alright, but it is always alright.

She will never be forgotten.

To cousin Lorraine and her siblings, there are no words to be said that can fill the void that you all are bearing at this time. Hold on, just keep holding on to his garment.

Francine, a special thank you for your contributions to the entire world.

Your uncle, the late Strand Whisnant has won his prize. Heaven now has another angel with the most beautiful smile.

"God said no Well done, good earthly job." Good night, sleep well

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