Sophie Laraine Minor

This is a tribute to my late double cousin Sophie Laraine Minor. If I were asked to summarize your life all I would say is you were the number one family person. You loved your family and wanted only the best for them. I will miss your being my medical advocate. It is so sad to know that I will never talk to you again. You fought the battle and can't say you lost Cous, well done, you are with our Lord. I hope to meet you again. I remember when I was diagnosed with cancer, you gave me so much encouragement and told me what to eat and what not to do. You even called me on your breaks at work to see how I was doing and whether I was eating the right things. Thank you ya. Although I thought you were playing Aunty Dolly or my mom's role, it was all good. Cous, with all you were going through, you still found time to be there for your friends and especially your family. Our days in Paynesville at John and Dolly Minor's house and on Paynes Avenue at William and Alice Cisco's house; those were the days. We would have Bassa Dumpboy at your house and the cook at my parents' house would cook a mess like how Aunt Dolly and my mom would have called it. We got a kick out of it, your Monrovia College days, but most of all how you always looked forward to being someone. Sophie you did it. Even with the war and all the bad things that happened to our Country, you kept going. Now you are going away, gone ahead of us, leaving so many hearts torn apart. Your name is all over Monrovia and Paynesville, both Liberia and the United States.

Sorry for the times we disagreed although I can't remember you and me ever disrespecting each other. But girl you sometimes pushed my buttons. Rest my loving darling cousin. The Liberian saying.....say hi to Aunty Dolly, Uncle John, Cleo, Celestine, Dolly, Buster, my brother Charles, my mother aunt, Alice, Dad, Uncle William, sisters Darlene and Marilyn and brother Tyren. May you all continue to rest with our Lord.

Goodbye cous, sleep well. We all have another angel to watch over us. Sophie, O Sophie, thanks for being my friend. Thank you yah. Rest in forever peace. Like how you ended our conversation LOVE YOU COUS. DIDO.

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